Year One
in Arkansas
May 2001 - 2002

One year ago I made the decision to leave California and move to Arkansas.
After 29 years of experiencing the ups and downs of the electronic industry,
and with great trepidation, I decided it was time to leave California and
join my family in Hot Springs Village, Arkansas.

The following pictures are a few of the moments that
I have captured during the past year.
(Click on pictures to enlarge)

ready-to-move.jpg (25237 bytes)
After sorting, tossing and packing, I was about ready for the movers.
movingvan.jpg (23617 bytes)
On May 2, 2001
it was time to move.
arizona.jpg (15349 bytes)
At 70mph I approached Arizona on May 3rd and without slowing, I left California behind.
hsv_fountain-s.jpg (22768 bytes)
After three and a half days and about 2000 miles,
on May 5, 2001, I arrived at
Hot Springs Village

new_home.jpg (17671 bytes)

I left California's smoggy blue skyline with palm trees and moved in with my father amongst towering pines, oaks and invisible air.

During my first summer in Arkansas I experienced a few things
that I had forgotten, such as bugs.
katydid.jpg (27122 bytes)

The katydid came out in force to welcome me to Arkansas.  They make a noise that is a cross between a cricket and a locust.  Now multiply the sound by about a million.

katydid-spider-3.jpg (21040 bytes)

Once in a while the katydid is katydone!!  Needless to say, this spider ate well for a few days.

walkingstick.jpg (18403 bytes) Then there are the
walking sticks.
And some are really


walking_stick_7-13.jpg (70150 bytes)
Oh yes, did I mention, chiggers?  They are alive and well in Arkansas.

While living in California I became used to having
only two seasons, wet and dry.
Once again, I'm experiencing all four seasons.
view_summer.jpg (53039 bytes)
fall_road.jpg (44405 bytes)
snow-view.jpg (36463 bytes)
dogwood.jpg (46017 bytes)
red-leaves.jpg (73221 bytes)
Fall Leaves
snowy-birdhouse.jpg (47010 bytes)
Morning after the
butterfly.jpg (52228 bytes)
Butterfly and Azaleas

winter_sunrise-2.jpg (54222 bytes)
Winter Sunrise

Watching Spring Spring
The following three pictures span only two weeks.
view_apr-10-02.jpg (64650 bytes)
April 10
view_apr-17-02.jpg (65790 bytes)
April 17
view_apr-24-02.jpg (52474 bytes)
April 24

relax in their
new home.
Riley's_new_home.jpg (23721 bytes) littlebit-bookcase.jpg (18624 bytes) dad-littlebit-c.jpg (17940 bytes)

Being with the family during holidays
makes it all worth while!!
dad-2-c.jpg (58418 bytes)
alice-1c.jpg (39987 bytes) larry-1c.jpg (13188 bytes) bob-1c.jpg (12049 bytes)
Christmas 2001