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Current Weather in Chanute, Ks.

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Dale and Alice's Visit to Kansas, 2000
Lone Elm, Kansas
Lone Elm Reunion, 2000
Lone Elm High School Reunion, 2000

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Kansas City

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Memorial Day 2000

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Colony, Kansas

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Frances Babcock's Quilt and Pebbles

Kansas Quilt


This is a quilt made by my cousin Frances Babcock, Colony, Kansas.  Completed in 1999,  the pattern is called "Scrapaholic"

Pebbles checking out a new quilt
under construction.


In 1944 my dad, Dale Newlon, went to War.  For the next couple of years he was in Europe taking care of our wounded soldiers.  During that summer I spent some time with my Aunt Edna and Uncle Sam Murphy on their farm in Colony, Kansas.  The pictures below are during that stay.

Bike Ride
This was one of my first bike rides at about age two.

Every boy has to have a wagon.

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